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14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung - naval instruction batallion

This unit was formed on 1.1.1938 from the former II.Schiffstamm-Abteilung der Nordsee which had been in existence since 1929 in the Reichsmarine, during the time of Reichswehr. The 14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung was formed in the Gluckstadt/Elbe region and was initially a part of the 2.Schiffstamm-Regiment alongside the 10. and 12.Schiffstamm-Abteilungen.

In 1939 the 2.Schiffstamm-Regiment was disbanded and its Schiffstamm-Abteilungen, including the 14th, became independent units. In late September 1940 the 14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung was moved to Breda in the Netherlands where it remained stationed for a majority of the remainder of the war.

In 1943, a new formation of the 2.Schiffstamm-Regiment was formed and once more the 14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung was taken under its command, along with the 16., 20., 22. and 26.Schiffstamm-Abteilungen.

As WWII drew to a close most all Marine ground units were used to form Marine-Infanterie units to fight in the frontlines. The many Schiffstamm-Abteilungen in existence in 1945 were used as a large portion of the ad-hoc Marine-Infanterie units.

In March 1945 the 2.Schiffstamm-Regiment was used to form the basis of the 11.Marine-Infanterie-Division, a formation that was never close to a division in size but was referred to as such regardless. The component Schiffstamm-Abteilungen of the 2.Schiffstamm-Regiment were each used to help form the organic components of the 11.Marine-Infanterie-Division, in particular the 14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung became Marine-Schutzen-Regiment 111. The commander of the 14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung in March 1945, FKapt.M.A Leopold Bode, became the the Regimental commander of Marine-Schutzen-Regiment 111, just as the commander of the 2.Schiffstamm-Regiment, Kapt.z.S Hans Ahlmann, became the commander of the 11.Marine-Infanterie-Division.

According to the March 21st, 1945 OKH Dislokation Lagekarten, the 11.Marine-Infanterie-Division is listed as being located along a line just south of Gorinchem - Sliedrecht west to the Island of Over Flakkee (??) on the coast. Intermixed between the units of the division was also the 63.Infanterie-Division as well. The last OKH Dislokation Lagekarten for the area, May 7th, 1945, shows the 11.Marine-Infanterie-Division as being located along largely the same line, where it ended the war.

FYI, the other components of the 11.Marine-Infanterie-Division, Marine-Schutzen-Regiment 112 and Marine-Schutzen-Regiment 113 were formed from 16.Schiffstamm-Abteilung and 20.Schiffstamm-Abteilung respectively, each of their commanders going on to command the new regiment as well.

Commanders of 14.Schiffstamm-Abteilung

Kapt.z.See Carl Weber 10.38 - 11.39
Kapt.z.See Max Peters 11.39 - 9.40
Kapt.z.See Hans-Joachim von Stockhausen 9.40 - 6.43
F.Kapt. Hauth 6.43 - 9.44
F.Kapt.M.A. Leopold Bode 9.44 - 3.45

Commanders of Marine-Schutzen-Regiment 111

F.Kapt.M.A. Leopold Bode 3.45 - 5.45

First it’s important to know, that the various units were NOT part of the "Commanding Admiral in the Netherlands" until February 1945, despite they were located in the territory of the Netherlands.
They were commanded by the "Second Admiral of the North Sea"!

10. Schiffsstammabteilung
located at Wesermünde as part of the 2.Schiffsstammaregiment until November 1939 renamed into 4.Marinelehrabteilung on 01.01.1944
Kapt.z.S. Fischer Ernst - 0837-1239
F.Kapt. Masberg - 1239-0840
K.Kapt.(Ing.) Knoblochm.W.d.G.b - 0840-1140
K.Kapt. M.A. Benecke Werner - 1140-0642
F.Kapt. Metzger - 0642-1243
The unit was newly formed in January 1944 at Assens as part of the 4.Schiffsstammregiment and was renamed into Marineschützenregiment 162 in March 1945
K.Kapt. Zaubzer Theodor - 0144-0345

14. Schiffsstammabteilung
located at Glückstadt as part of the 2.Schiffsstammregiment until November 1939
relocated to Breda in September 1940 and since October 1943 again part of the 2.Schiffsstammregiment
renamed into Marineschützenregiment 111 in March 1945
Kapt.z.S.(Ing.) Weber Carl - 1038-1139
Kapt.z.S.(Ing.) Peters Max - 1139-0940
Kapt.z.S. v.Stockhausen Hans.Joachim - 0940-0643
F.Kapt. Hauth - 0643-0944
F.Kapt.M.A. Bode Leopold - 0944-0345

16. Schiffsstammabteilung
The originally 6. Schiffsstammabteilung was transferred from Wilhelmshaven to Gotenhaven in June 1940 and was renamed into 16. Schiffsstammabteilung.
relocated to Bergen op Zoom and Rosendaal in August 1940
part of the 2.Schiffsstammregiment since October 1943
renamed into Marineschützenregiment 112 in March 1945
F.Kapt. Frhr.v.Lamezan - 0640-0341
K.Kapt.(Ing.) Schmitz Albert - 0341-0841
F.Kapt. Metzger - 0841-0342
F.Kapt. v.Lilienhoff-Zwowitzky - 0342-0143
Kptlt. M.A. Reber - 0143-0243
K.Kapt. Rüder - 0243-0544
F.Kapt. Wernicke - 0544-1044
F.Kapt. Schroeder Wilhelm - 1044-0345

20. Schiffsstammabteilung
formed at Norden on 01.06.1941, but transferred at the same month to Ede near Arnheim
part of the 2.Schiffsstammregiment since October 1943
renamed into Marineschützenregiment 113 in March 1945
located at Harkamm at the end of war
K.Kapt.(Ing.) Treichel - 0641-0642
F.Kapt.(Ing.) Kersten - 0642-0743
F.Kapt.(Ing.) Suhrmeyer - 0843-1144
K.Kapt.M.A. Marx - 1144-0345

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